Jewelry Display

General Information

WEBSITE  The website is end user safe, pricing and contact info is not visible without login. To login please provide industry credentials, once credentials are verified access will be granted  (may take a few hours) all pricing is YOUR NET. The fashion section is live pricing with respect to the current gold market. The overlay section pricing is current for the year 2010 and due to the custom nature of the Corporate section please call and speak to a customer service representative about your project. Pricing in the Corporate section is based @ $1000.00 gold and for gold weight only, Finishes, Stones, Packaging were not considered in the price.

SETUP & SAMPLE  Please allow 3 weeks for die cutting and sample. Rush service is available for additional charge.

PRODUCTION   Please allow 3 weeks for date of order acknowledgement.

RUSH SERVICE  Production permitting is available, rates are determined by Urgency.

QUOTES  Quotes are valid for 30 days unless otherwise specified in writing. Verbal quotes will not be considered binding.

ARTWORK  SUBMISSION   Black & White camera-ready or Black & White EPS files @ 300dpi are preferred by e-mail or by CD, floppy, or Zip. Artwork by fax will not be accepted. Factory prepared artwork will be billed at $50.00 (A) per hour.

ORDER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT  Your signed P.O. will be acknowledged by fax within 24 hours. Please review acknowledgements for errors and notify immediately of any discrepancy. Unsigned or verbal purchase orders will not be accepted.

REVISIONS  During production will be billed for all costs incurred. Quantity increases need to be submitted as a new order.

GOLD MARKET ADJUSTMENT   Gold items are based on a gold market of $1000.00 To calculate pricing for market fluctuations please call your service representative for the GMA factors.

RETURNS  Prior factory approval required

TOOLING  Tooling and setups are considered proprietary and will not be released. Customer provided tooling will not be accepted.

CANCELLATIONS  All costs incurred or $100.00 (A) whichever is greater.

DISCLAIMER   Prime Recognition accepts no responsibility or liability for the use of  Logos, Trademarks or Designs it is the intermediaries responsibility to secure an  endorsement by their owners.

WARRANTY   All items are warranted for life for defects in workmanship or materials. Items not covered by warranty are discoloration of metals or loss of precious stones, abuse, sizing, normal wear, or alterations made by a third party.